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Terms and Conditions

a). The Association shall consist of:
All officers of the Association
All elected and appointed members of all committees of the Association.
All Clubs affiliated with the Association.
Life Members
Honorary Members
Associate Members
b). Provided always that members to qualify for clause 3 a). sub-clauses (1). and (2) must be members of a bona fide affiliated Club.
a). A Club is defined as a group of people who have become associated for the pursuance of their common interest in Aero Sports. For the purpose of this clause, a Co-operative Society, Propriety Company or other body which has been formed for the purpose of furthering interest of aero sports shall be defined as a club. There shall be no limitation to the number of members a Club may have excepting that the minimum number shall be three. Each Club shall appoint a Management Committee, which shall consist of a minimum of two officers. These shall be a President or- chairman and a Secretary Treasurer. Each Club before it may be accepted as affiliated with the Association shall be formed within the state of India, have a constitution and rules or memorandum and articles of association not inconsistent with the constitution and rules of the Association.
Any member of the Association may submit a proposal in writing of a person to be considered for life Membership, attached with the proposal will be a resume of the nominee’s contributions to the Association.
All nominations for Life Membership of the. Association shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary or President not less than eight weeks before the Annual
The Honorary Secretary shall put forward all Life membership nominations at the Annual Management Committee Meeting and the nominee may be elected a life member by a two - thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote.
Life Members shall have the same privileges as other members of the association and shall be issued with a suitable badge and plaque whatever practical.
The Honorary Secretary shall keep a record of Life Members and forward notices of meetings to their last known address.
Life members shall be eligible for the election of President and Vice President.
a). The Executive Committee may elect Honorary Members for such period or periods as it may think fit. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay affiliation fees nor shall they be elected as officers of the Association but in all other respects they shall be entitled to all rights and subject to all the duties of members of the Association. Candidates for Honorary Membership must be proposed by a member of the Association and the proposer shall be responsible for all liabilities incurred in the Association by the nominee.
a). Members of Clubs affiliated with the Association are classed as Associate Members, and when attending meetings of the Management Committee shall be required to sit at the back of the meeting and shall have no right of audience unless granted by the Chairman.
a). All ordinary members affiliated with the association are associate members. They shall be eligible for election as Director in respective category. Also Associate member shall vote for President, Vice President, General Secretary, and Treasurer.


    1.) Each club applying for affiliation shall:
    a.) Applications for affiliation shall be in the prescribed form and shall be lodged with the Honorary Secretary not later than the 3lst July in each year, or such earlier date as the Executive may fix.
    b.) The Honorary Secretary shall immediately notify clubs that do not comply with the regulations regarding affiliation that their affiliation cannot be considered unless the form is correct or the prescribed fees paid as the case may be.
    c.) Forward with the application the affiliation fee as fixed at the Annual Management Committee Meeting, and a list of its bona fide Club.
    d.) An affiliated club shall notify the Honorary Secretary within fourteen days of any change in the particulars given on its application form.
    e.) The period of affiliation of a club shall be for one year or part thereof from 1st July of the year of affiliation to the succeeding 30th June, unless terminated by cancellation, resignation or expulsion.
    2.) Each Club, the affiliation of which is an approved shall thereupon:
    a.) Be deemed to be affiliated and bound by the Rules and By-Laws of the association, Register all members as prescribed by the Annual Management Committee Meeting, become liable for such subscriptions, fees and levies as may be fixed by the Rules.
    b.) Any affiliated Club, which desires to withdraw from the Association, shall remain liable for all subscriptions, levies and/or fees incurred up to the time of lodging its application to withdraw.


    a.) Each club shall contribute to the funds of the Association a per capita charge for each of its members. Fees shall be fixed each year by the Annual Management Committee Meeting;
    b.) Fees are to be paid annually and will be due for payment by the 1st July in the case of renewals and upon joining in the case of new members. All Memberships will expire on 30th June of each year.
    c.) In the case of a club whose fees remain unpaid by 1st September, that Club shall cease to be a member of the Association.
    d.) Each affiliated Club must forward in the prescribed manner - a membership list with fees to the Association Registrar-these members are to be registered as associated Members of the Association.
    e.) The Association will allocate BPA membership numbers to members of clubs and keep accurate records of Club members.
    f.) The Association Registrar will record the particulars from the membership list and return a copy with the FAl licenses to each affiliated club.
    g.) The Membership Register of each affiliated Club shall be made available for inspection if requested by the Executive Committee or the Management Committee.
    h.) All applications for registration as Associate Membership shall state the name of the club for which such applicant holds membership.
    i.) The application form shall bear the date of birth of the applicant. An Associate
    j.) Member is a junior throughout the calendar year in which he or she attains the age of 18 years.
    k.) Any Associate Member holding any authority associated with the operation of miniature aircraft, e.g. large model inspection , flight instructors authority etc, which was issued on the recommendation of the Association is cancelled if the Associate Member does not pay his or hers fees to the Association by the 1st of July each year.


    a.) Each affiliated Club/Member being a member of the Association undertakes to contribute such amount as may be required to the assets of the Association in the event of the same being wound up while it is a member for payment of the debts and liabilities of the Association contracted during the term of its membership and for the costs, charges and expenses, of winding up and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributors amongst themselves.
    b.) If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Association there remains after the satisfaction of all its, debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall be equally distributed among the then affiliated Clubs.
    a.) No affiliated club, official, delegate or member of the Association shall have any claim, legal or otherwise, against the Association or its officers, for any act done in the execution of their duties.
    b.) The Association shall indemnify any officer of the Association acting in good faith and within the scope of his duties against any claim, liability, loss or damage which may be incurred in consequence of any act, emission or error on the officer's part, subject to the approval of the Management Committee.


    a.) The Association shall, if so delegated by PWC, FAI or any other Aero Sports Body/Organization, Government, control competitions, sporting events, test records and trials in Bir Billing or anywhere in India under the regulations of that body/organization.
    b.) The Association shall grant, issue, authorize, modify, cancel, and revoke in accordance with any regulation issued.
    c.) The Association shall co-ordinate the control of competitions, sporting, events, tests, records and appeals, in conjunction with the PWC, connected therewith submitted to the Association by an affiliated Club
    d.) The Association and the affiliated Clubs shall co-operate with and assist one another in such disciplinary measures as either-or both may deem desirable for dealing with the conduct of any member of any affiliated club.
    f.) The Management Committee may at any time by a resolution of not less than three- fourths of the member Clubs, vote to expel from the Association any affiliated Members or Clubs provided not less than sixty days notice has been given of the meeting, specifying that it is intended to propose such a resolution. No member/club so expelled shall have any claim against the Association for damages or otherwise,
    g.) Any affiliated Member/Club may, giving 90 days notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary of its intention to withdraw from the Association and at the expiration of such notice shall cease to be a member of the Association and shall have no claim on the assets of the Association.
    f.) Any complaint which may be made against the or decisions of a Sub-Committee shall be made only by the Secretary of an affiliated Club unless otherwise herein provided, and shall be forwarded in writing to the Honorary Secretary within seven days of the date of such action or decision, The members of the Sub-Committee concerned shall attend the hearing of the complaint: which shall be determined by the Executive Committee as it thinks fit.
    h.) Any member of the Executive, who fails to attend three consecutive Management Committee meetings without leave of absence being granted, shall cease to be a member of the Executive and the vacancy shell is filled forthwith. For the purpose of this Rule. a member shall not be credited with attendance at a meeting if .e or she is absent from such meeting or any adjournment thereof for a period of more than twenty minutes, and the time of arrival or departure of members not present for the full meeting shall be recorded in the minutes.


    a.) The administration of the Association shall be in the hands of a Management Committee, which shall consist of the following officers appointed or elected as provided herein:
    Vice President
    General Secretary
    Founder Members
    Public Relations Officer
    Honorary Secretary
    b.) No more than two delegates from each affiliated Club may be elected to the Management Committee each year calendar year.
    c.) The Management Committee shall meet once per month and at other such times as prescribed by the Rules.
    a.) There shall be an Executive Committee of the Association, which will consist of :
    The President
    Vice President
    General Secretary
    Honorary Secretary
    The Executive shall carry on the business and affairs of the Association between meetings of the Management Committee and shall, subject” to such restrictions or limitations as the Management committee may from time to time impose, exercise and carry out the powers-and functions of the Association.
    b.) Subject to the limitation that it shall meet at least six times per calendar year, the Executive may meet for the dispatch of business, adjourn, and otherwise regulate its meetings and proceedings as it thinks fit, and may determine the quorum necessary for the transaction of business. Unless otherwise determined, three members of the Executive shall be a quorum.
    c.) Any one member of the Executive shall have power to call, or direct the Secretary to call a meeting of the Executive.
    d.) The time and place for regular meetings to be held during the year shall be fixed, whenever practicable, by the Executive at its first meeting held after the Annual Management Committee Meeting, and each member of the Executive having been duly notified of the date of such meetings, no further notice shall be given, unless there is any subsequent alteration in the date, time or place of such meetings.
    e.) Subject to the provision for regular meetings, notice of meetings shall be given by the Honorary Secretary in writing posted to the last known address of each member of the Executive so that, in the ordinary course of post, it will be received by the member not less than seventy-two hours before the time of such meeting.
    f.) No proxy votes shall be allowed at any meetings of the Executive Committee.
    a.) The officers of the Association who shall also be the officers of the Executive and Management Committees shall be:
    Management Committee Founder Members
    b.) Executive Committee and Management Committee:
    Vice President
    Public Relations Officer
    c.) The duties of the officers shall be as prescribed by then Rules.
    d.) Executive Committee officers shall be elected annually at the Annual Management Committee Meeting and shall hold office until the conclusion of the next Annual Management committee Meeting of the Association.
    e.) The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Affiliations Registrar and Newsletter Editor may be paid such honoraria as the Annual Management Committee Meeting may fix from time to time.
    f.) There shall be one auditor who shall be properly qualified and appointed annually at the Annual Management Committee Meeting. The Auditor shall not be a member of the Management Committee, an officer or relation of an officer, of the Association, every year the accounts of the Association shall be examined and the correctness of the income and expenditure account and balance sheet ascertained by the auditor and reported to the Annual Management Committee Meeting.
    g.) All officers shall be eligible for re-election or re-appointment for immediate re-election to the same office after holding that position.
    h.) In the event of the position of any officer becoming vacant the Management
    i.) Committee may appoint a successor to fill such vacancy. In the case of all officers such successor shall hold office until the next Annual Management Committee Meeting.
    j.) Any casual vacancy of an officer shall be filled by an Associated Member nominee by any Club provided that not less than three - fourths of the club delegates at a Management Committee meeting vote in favor of such nominee. The Management Committee may from time to time remove from office any officer provided that not less than three fourths of the total affiliated members of the Association vote in favor of such removal.
    a.) Attend all meetings of the Management Committee and the Executive Committee and carry out all directions given at any such meeting. b.) Attend to all the clerical work of the Association, assisted by such persons as the Executive may appoint. c.) Keep a written record of all Rules and By-Laws of the Association and rescissions, alterations or amendments thereto, including the date on which they came into force, and advise members of additions and alterations thereto as required by these rules. d.) Keep the books containing the minutes or records or proceedings of all meetings of the Association and of its Committees, and produce them as required. e.) Keep in proper files all Association records and reports of, Sub-Committees, officers; Delegates and Officials. f.) Obtain a direction from the Management Committee before disposing of any Association property. g.) Place before the Executive all applications for affiliation at the next meeting of the Executive held after the receipt of same. h.) Keep a “Record of Association Members Suspended’ with date of suspension and reason therefore carry out all such other duties as may be required under the Association Rules and By-Laws.


    a.) Notice of the date, time and place of the Annual OR an extraordinary Management Committee Meeting shall be given not less than four weeks or more than six weeks prior to the date of the meeting.
    b.) Notice when required shall be given to all members entitled thereto; such notice being typed in the Associations, Letter, mail or e-mail.
    c.) A meeting may be declared invalid if: The notice calling such meeting is not in accordance with the Rules and signed by an Executive officer of the Association (the signature on any notice may be written or printed),
    d.) No time is stated in the notice, or it is held at any other time or place than that stated on the notice, or the business to be discussed is not clearly and adequately stated on the notice whenever the regulations require that business shall be so stated.
    e.) A meeting shall not be in valid; notice of a meeting adjourned to a fixed date is not given.


    a.) The Management Committee Meetings shall be held as follows:
    1.) Once per month.
    2.) At such other times as may be deemed necessary.
    b. The business to be brought before the members at Management Committee Meetings shall include:
    1.) Announcement of any alterations in the Associations By-Laws.
    2.) A general report of the work done by the Executive.
    3.) A summary of financial affairs, including a list of all items of expenditure.
    4.) The Honorary Secretary is to place before the meeting all correspondence received since the last meeting for the committee's information and decision.
    5.)Such other business as may be deemed necessary.
    c.) If at any Extraordinary Management Committee Meeting the members shall decide that the meeting has been incorrectly or unnecessarily called, the members who have requisitioned the meeting shall be held liable for the cost of arranging the meeting and the amount shall be paid in such manner, as the Executive shall direct.
    d.) A quorum of a meeting of the Management Committee shall be the delegates from each of three affiliated Clubs.
    a.) The Rules in this part, 7. I. (a) through 7.7, (o) shall govern the conduct of any meeting of the Association, the Executives or Sub-Committees, except where specifically provided otherwise.
    b.) If after the expiry time of thirty minutes from the time appointed for a meeting there is not a quorum present, the meeting shall be abandoned.
    c.) Where the rules provide for the presence of a quorum at meetings, a meeting is not valid and may not lawfully transact any business unless a quorum is present throughout the whole of the meeting, and no member shall leave the meeting without the permission of the Chairman.
    d.) The persons constituting a quorum are those competent to transact and vote upon the business before the meeting.
    e.) Proxies shall be allowed at all meetings except Executive Committee Meetings, but they must be in writing duly signed by the affiliated Club Secretaries giving and receiving the proxy and in the hands of the Honorary Secretary at least 48 hours before the meeting.
    f.) The Executive shall have power to deal with any business not completed at any meeting because of the absence of the required quorum.
    g.) The Honorary Secretary shall keep a Roll Book of member Clubs for the purpose of recording the representation at meetings and the voting powers of those present.
    a.) The President shall preside as Chairperson at all meetings of the Association. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside or in his or her absence, then one of the affiliated Club delegates present shall be elected as Chairperson.
    b.) Except at the Annual Management Committee Meeting, if a Deputy Chairman is elected to take the chair to open a meeting he shall remain the Chair until the end of the meeting whether or not the person normally acting as Chairman subsequently arrives at the meeting.
    c.) At the Annual Management Committee Meeting when the Chairman is one of the nominees to any office for which an election is to be held, a temporary Chairman who is not a candidate for any office shall be appointed to take the Chair until the election of officers is completed.
    d.) The chairman of all meetings shall have a casting vote only, but may refrain from exercising this right, in which case the proposal is rejected but may be brought forward again at a subsequent meeting.
    e.) If during any meeting a new Chairman desired, the motion shall be that another person, whose name shall be stated, take the Chair.
    f.) A motion that the Chairman shall leave the Chair if carried will be automatically adjourn the meeting.
    g.) If the Chairman leaves the meeting before adjourning or closing it, the members may elect a new chairman and continue the meeting.
    h.) If the Chairman incorrectly declares the meeting closed before the business is finalized his declaration may be withdrawn.
    the Chairman shall:
    1.) Makes sure that proper note of meeting has been given,
    2.) Make sure that a quorum is present,
    3.)Conduct the meeting in accordance with the Rules,
    4.) in addressing the meeting be impartial and brief in his remarks,
    5.) Preserve order, and for that purpose may instruct any person to withdraw, or to refrain from speaking or may adjourn the meeting,
    6.) Give all members present a reasonable opportunity of speaking, but ensure that no member speaks for any undue length of time or unnecessarily repeats points that have already been put before the meeting,
    7.) See that the minutes of each meeting are correct and confirmed as soon as possible after the meeting,
    8.) Terminate any discussion which is not, at the time, relevant to the business before the meeting,
    9.) Upon any resignation of the convener of a Sub-Committee the meeting shall be automatically adjourned until the matter has been dealt with by the Management committee.
    a.) A member desirous of moving a motion or amendment or of taking part in any discussion shall rise and address Chairman and shall state the nature of the motion or amendment before addressing the meeting.
    b.) If two or more members rise to speak at the same time the chairman shall decide who is to speak first.
    c.) A member addressing the meeting shall not be interrupted unless called to order, or unless a motion to close the debate is moved.
    d.) A member may rise at any time to address the Chairman on a point of order.
    e.) If the chairman rises to speak, all discussion shall cease until the chairman resumes his seat.
    f.) The chairman in deciding a point of order at any meeting shall state the provision, rule or practice which he deems applicable, and his decision shall be final unless a motion be moved and seconded that his ruling be disagreed with. If the motion is carried there shall be no further discussion of the matter, or of the business which may have given rise to it until an opinion on the point of order of a person acceptable to the chairman and to the meeting has been obtained in writing by the Honorary Secretary.
    g.) No motion or amendment shall be withdrawn without the leave of the chairman and consent of the mover and seconded.
    h.) A motion or amendment, which is not passed at a meeting, may not be brought before the same meeting, unless members agree to discuss it again, but the matter may be brought forward at a subsequent meeting.
    i.) Any resolution, which has been acted upon, being the authority under which such action is taken, may not be rescinded, but a motion may be moved at a subsequent meeting to correct any errors, or omissions or as a result of further information being presented. Such motion may reverse the previous resolution in part or in whole, but should take into account whatever action has been taken under the original resolution.
    j.) A matter before the meeting may be deferred until a time to be stated by a motion that the meeting proceed to the next business.
    k.) The chairman of a committee meeting may announce, as the business arising from the minutes or on the agenda is received, that such business is to be deferred, and, if no member objects, that business shall be passed over until a time to be stated.
    l.) An amendment moved and seconded shall be voted upon before the motion, and if carried the motion as amended shall be put to the meeting unless the amendment itself contains all the points necessary to complete the business under discussion.
    m.) No second or subsequent amendment shall be received until the first amendment has been voted upon.
    n.) No amendment which is a direct negative of the motion.
    a.) All members shall be entitled to vote at meetings at which they are entitled to be present unless otherwise provided in the Rules.
    b.) At all Management Committee Meetings the vice President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall not be entitled to vote, but are permitted to move or second a motion. The President shall have voting rights as per Rule 1.3. (d) Of these rules. All voting shall be done by the delegates representing the clubs. Each Club shall be entitled to one vote.
    c.) Affiliated clubs having less than 10 Associated Members registered with the Association shall not be entitled to vote.
    d.) A motion must be carried by a majority of those present and entitled to vote.
    e.) No proxies shall be allowed at meetings except as provided in the Rules.
    f.) Voting at all meetings shall be by show of hands unless the regulations require a ballot at least two of the members entitled to vote demand a ballot whereupon a ballot shall be taken. Any member may demand a division. while shall imply that the vote is to be recounted by at least two persons and a count to be taken of the total number of persons entitled to vote in order to establish the required majority.
    g.) When a ballot is required the chairman shall determine the manner in which It Is to be taken except for the election of officers when the following rules shall be observed.
    h.) The Chairman shall appoint a scrutinizer and two returning officers:
    1.) The returning officers shall distribute and collect the ballot papers and shall ensure that they are correctly used by members who are entitled to vote.
    2.) Ballot papers shall bear such printed or typewritten matter as may be necessary to establish their purpose and validity.
    3.) The returning officers shall count the ballot papers under the supervision of the scrutinizer who shall record the result and hand the same to the chairman.
    a.) A motion to adjourn a meeting must state the time and date of the proposed adjournment, but may not be moved during the election of officers or while another person is speaking.
    b.) The only amendments allowed to a motion for adjournment are as to time, date or place.
    c.) A meeting may be adjourned to the date of the next ordinary meeting.
    d.) A chairman may not adjourn a meeting unless a motion is passed except when it has not been possible to maintain order.
    Minutes of all meetings shall be kept in bound books with numbered-pages and shall be set out in the following form:
    a.) Description of the nature of the meeting, whether ordinary, special or adjourned and the date, time and place.
    b.) Names of all Management Committee members present and the office held by each shall be recorded in all minutes.
    c.) Apologies and the names of Management Committee members not present.
    d.) Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting,
    e.) Business arising from the minutes.
    f.) correspondence and reports placed before the meeting.
    g.) Record of the business of the meeting to be set Out In their exact words, and whether carried or rejected
    h.) The time of arrival or departure of any member not present during the whole of the meeting.
    i.) The time at which the meeting was declared closed or adjourned.
    j.) Minutes may not be "taken as read" unless every member entitled to be present has received a copy of such minutes at least twenty four hours before the meeting at which they are confirmed.
    k.) Minutes of committee meetings should be confirmed by those who were present at the meeting to which they relate but If the Chairman has been unable to obtain such confirmation within a reasonable time,(not less than one month) he may, If satisfied of their accuracy, sign them as a "true record" provided all members of his committee have received a copy of such minutes.
    l.) When any minutes are signed by the chairman as a true record without confirmation, he shall add the words “signed as a true record without confirmation" above his signature. The signing of minutes in this manner shall be reported to the committee at the first opportunity.
    m.) Minutes may not be altered alter they have been signed. Any inaccuracy noted must be corrected and initialled by the chairman prior to signature.
    n.) Minutes shall be prima fade evidence of the proceedings of a meeting, and only be proved to be Inaccurate or incomplete by a unanimous decision of the persons who were present at the meeting to which they relate.
    o.) A member may not re-open any question decided at a previous meeting during the reading of the minutes until the accuracy of the minutes is confirmed. He may, after they have been signed and while business arising out of the minutes is before the meeting, propose a motion in relation to a previous decision.
    a.) The number of person present to constitute a quorum at all meetings of any Sub Committee shall be three.
    b.) The convener of each Sub-Committee shall be a member of such Sub-Committee and shall be appointed by the Executive or Management Committee.
    c.) Persons appointed to Sub-Committees need not be members of the Executive, and shall hold office until the 1st meeting of the Executive after the next Annual Management Committee Meeting, provided that any member of any Sub-Committee who fails to give proper attention to the duties of such Sub-committee may be removed from office by the Executive.
    d.) Every Sub-Committee shall make a report on its activities as required by the Executive, and shall forward a written report or a copy of the minutes of each of its meetings to the Honorary Secretary within seven days of the meeting.
    The President and Honorary secretary shall be entitled, ex office, to attend the meetings of any Sub Committee of the Association but shall not unless specifically appointed as members of a Committee, be entitled to vote.


    a.) For extraordinary meetings of the Management Committee, such notice shall be given within 21 days of receiving a requisition for such meeting.
    b.) The notice shall state the object of the meeting and no other business shall be dealt with at the meeting.
    c.) Any officer or member of the Management Committee shall have the power to direct the Honorary Secretary to requisition a Meeting of the Management Committee.
    d. The Annual Management Committee Meeting shall be held May of each year and the business of such meeting shall include the Honorary Secretaries Annual Report, the presentation of the Honorary Treasurer's accounts, duly audited, the election of officers and other members of the executive, and such other business as may be deemed necessary. Notice of the Annual Management Committee Meeting shall be given in writing to the Honorary Auditor.
    e.) Management Committee Meetings
    f.) The time date and place of meetings shall be decided at the Annual Management Committee Meeting and having been duly decided no further notice shall be given, unless there Is a subsequent alteration in the time date or place of such meetings.
    g.) The representation of members, and the conduct Meetings, the voting powers of Members and procedure of all meeting shall be in accordance with the rules.

  • 10. FUNDS — SOURCE

    a.) The financial year of the Association shall commence on the-1ist day of April and end on the 31st day of March each year.
    b.) See Section 3 Fees, Subscriptions, etc.
    c.) Other sources those are applicable at the time.


    a) Be responsible, assisted by such persons as the Executive may appoint, for the receipt of all monies due to the Association which shall be deposited without undue delay to the credit of the Association Bank Account
    b) be responsible for the issuing of official numbered receipts for all money received
    c) pay in such manner as may be approved by the Executive all accounts and approved against the Association, all amounts to be paid by cheque, drawn on the Association's Bank Account, such cheques to be signed by at least two officers of the Association.
    d) Arrange for all accounts in the name of the Association to be addressed to the Honorary Treasurer.
    e) Obtain adequate receipts or vouchers for all payments were possible.
    f) submit to each Management Committee Meeting a comprehensive report of financial performed of the Association since the date of the last report, which shall contain:
    1.) The amount of funds available, substantiated by presentation of current bank statements.
    2.) Particulars of receipts and expenditure
    3.) The amounts owing by the Association.
    4.) A request that the meeting approve payment of the accounts presented.
    g.) Make no substantial alteration in the methods of dealing with receipts and expenditure, or in the form of account books and printed stationary without first obtaining a direction from the Executive. The Executive shall, if it thinks fit, direct that the Honorary Treasurer and another officer of the Association shall obtain the opinion of the Auditor regarding the proposed alteration:
    h.) Keep a record of the property and assets of and the name and address of the person having the custody of such property from time to time.
    i.) Close and balance the books of the Association as at 31st March each year and present them for audit prior to the Annual Management committee Meeting.
    j.) prepare Annual statement of Receipt and Expenditure and such other forms of account as may be required and submit same duly audited to the Annual Management Committee Meeting; and the audited original copy of such accounts shall be fixed in the Minute Book next to the minutes of the Annual General Meeting at which they are read.
    k.) be entitled to attend, ex officio, and receive a copy of the minutes of any Sub Committee which may be dealing with matters involving the expenditure of funds, should at any time the office of Treasurer become vacant, then the Books of Account be audited forthwith.


    The statement of objects and these rules may be altered, rescinded or added to only by a Special resolution of the Association.

  • 13. RULES

    a) At an Extraordinary Management Committee Meeting convened for that purpose, of which not less than four weeks written notice, setting out in full the proposed alteration, repeal or addition together with a proxy voting form, shall be given to the Secretary of each of the Associations Affiliated club who are entitled to vote and to all Executive Officers of the Association.
    b) At the Annual Management Committee Meeting provided that the notice of the meeting gives notice of the proposed alteration, repeal or addition together with a proxy voting form.
    c) No such alteration, repeal or addition shall be effective unless it is carried by a majority of at least three-fourths of all the Associations Affiliate clubs who are entitled to vote.
    D) No Copy of the Rules shall be issued unless a correct copy of the Rules in force at the date of Issue is appended.
    a) The Management Committee shall have power to make, alter or repeal at any time .il1 such By-Laws as It may deem necessary or convenient or expedient In relation to the proper conduct and management of the business and affairs of the and the attainment of its objects.
    b) By-Laws as made and for the time being in force shall be binding on all members, delegates and officials of the until the next Annual Management committee Meeting.
    c) All By-Laws shall be clearly distinguished from Rules and recorded and referred to as By-Laws in the Minutes of the meeting at which they are made, altered or repealed, and the motion shall include the date on which the by-law is to come into force.
    a) Each affiliated Club shall be entitled to one copy of the Rules free of charge upon joining and may obtain additional copies on request and payment of $ 20 per copy.
    b) A complete list of the By-Laws currently in force shall be printed each year.


    a) The common seal must be kept in the custody of the public officer.
    b) The common seal must not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority of the Management Committee and the signatures of two members of the Executive Committee must attest the affixing of the common seal.


    Except as otherwise provided by these rules, the public officer must keeping his or her custody or under his or her control all records, books and other documents relating to the Association.


    The records, books and other documents of the Association will be open to inspection, free of charge, to a member Club of the Association at a time and place as directed by the Management Committee.

  • 18. BY-LAWS

    A club who has received approval to organise and run a State championship for any group of classes of models e.e.. Old Timer, Scale, Pattern, Glider etc. will be paid up to $175-oo upon receipt of a Tax invoice from that Club for expenses associated with running the event.. Part payment will be made If the class is split between more than one club e.g.. FM scale run by one club and Large Scale by another club. The exact amount been decided by a BPA Monthly Business Meeting.
    Any member of BPA who has been selected to represent India at a world Cup championships can apply in writing for a grant of financial assistance. The payment of the grant to be decided by a BPA Monthly Business Meeting.
    Because the Trade Practices Act holds the publisher of any publication responsible for the validity of any article or advertisement in that publication the association requires any party requesting publication oil any class of printed matter to indemnity the BPA against any action arising from the printed matter, BPA reserves the right of refusal of any request for space in the BPA Newsletter it this is not forth coming.
    The day to day running of the Billing Flying field will be under taken by a committee of five members, consisting of the BPA President, Treasurer, two members of the current Executive and a Field Secretary who will be appointed by the Committee.