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Transportation How To Reach Bir Billing Himachal

Billing Paragliding Association provides taxi service in Bir Billing area. We have all types of Taxi Vechiles like innova, Alto, Swift Desire Traveler in good clean condition & well behavior drivers with a lot of experience. You can book your taxi directly from Delhi, Chandigarh, and Amritsar Airports to Bir Billing.
We also organize sightseeing tours in Bir billing Area to all over Himachal. You can also book your Air, Train, Bus Ticket from Billing Paragliding Association.

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By Bus
There are several overnight deluxe buses from Delhi to Dharamsala and Manali. If you take a bus towards Dharamsala you need to get off at Kangra (about 50 km from Bir), from Kangra you can either get a Taxi or local bus to Bir. If you take a Bus going toward Manali you will need to get off at Mandi (about 70km from Bir), from here too you can take a taxi or local bus. If you do take the bus option, don’t hesitate to ask people for info if you are not sure, people are on the whole very friendly and willing to help in India.
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The fastest way to get to Bir from Delhi is to take a taxi direct from the airport, it’s a long drive , about 12 hours, but this way you reach directly in Bir. There are taxis at the Delhi airport or you can request us to organize for a pick up car at the airport. If there are 3 or 4 of you the cost can be shared and will be very economical. Contact us for costs and other information.
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By Train
There are several overnight trains between Delhi and Pathankot (about 4 hours taxi from Bir). You will need to get off the train at Pathankot as most trains carry on to Jammu. From there its easy to get a taxi to Bir.
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By Air
Air India and Spicejet fly to Dharamsala, the Airport is in a town called Gagal, a few kms outside Dharamsala. Its easy to get a taxi from there to Bir, about 2 hours.

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